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Fandom: Fire Emblem
Characters: OC, Hector
Genre: General/Family
Notes: In writing the one shot Afterbirth I had to wonder...what would Hector do with his son if he had lived? Based on this passage, "It was a sad thing to be glad a child was dead. Selfish too. Hector hated to admit it, but if the child had lived, he knew he would have blamed him for Florina's death. Silently, Hector would have accused him of murder. It was unreasonable and irrational to do so, but he knew what grief would have done to him. It was good that his son did not have to live with such a brooding father. The last thing Hector needed was to turn into a King Desmond."

Florien sat in the corner of his bed. At his feet lay his quiver and bow. He dared not touch them lest somehow his father found out. Sometimes he just didn’t understand his father the great Lord Hector. They just didn’t see eye to eye on anything. He wanted to lay back and wait before attacking a group of bandits hopefully to find more of their ranks, his father wanted to kill them immediately. He suggested an overhaul the entire economic structure of Ostia, his father resisted the idea for an unexplained reason.
Now Florien had taken up archeryCollapse )

Failed Destiny, Chapter 10

Fandom: Fire Emblem
Genre: Action/Adventure (romance this chapter)
Notes: N/A

Chapter Ten

Sain wondered sometimes if he should have been born in Arcadia. They were wonderfully colorful about their traditions and Sain’s romantic notions were only fueled by them. For instance, once the high priest heard that he and Rebecca were to be married, he explained how an Arcadian wedding worked.

The whole notion was that for the day, the bride was the sun and the groom was the sky.Collapse )

Failed Destiny, Chapter 9

Fandom: Fire Emblem
Genre: Action/Adventure (I guess romance this chapter...)
Notes: Here's a pairing I never thought I'd write.

Chapter Nine

They had been in Arcadia for five months. Summer had really begun to set in and Rebecca was starting to feel the heat. She had no idea how Florina, Serra and Guy could keep their hair so long. She often teased Guy about it while she was training with him. They agreed to exchange lessons, she would help him improve his archery if he taught her how to use a short sword. He insisted that he didn’t really feel hot, nor did his long hair impede his fighting.

Rebecca was starting to think something was wrong with herCollapse )

Failed Destiny, Chapter 8

Fandom: Fire Emblem
Genre: Action/Adventure
Notes: It took everything I had not to have Vaida say, "Cheer up, emo kid!"

Chapter 8

Vaida had very high standards for anyone who chose to be in her company for a long period of time. She didn’t have many female friends, if only because she viewed all women who were not her to be a useless lot. If they couldn’t go toe to toe with her in a confrontation, she wanted nothing to do with them.

She didn’t want to admit it, but her respect for all those who survived Dragon’s Gate was elevatedCollapse )

Failed Destiny, Chapter 7

Fandom: Fire Emblem
Genre: Action/Adventure
Notes: N/A

Chapter Seven

Matthew did not expect the welcome he got when he returned from an undercover patrol of Elibe with a few of the Arcadians. Everyone seemed overjoyed to see him, they even met him at the gate to the fortress and welcomed him back with a hearty meal. Quite the contrast to working for Ostia. Not that he wasn’t treated well, but he’d have to skulk out and sneak in. He never received any sort of fanfare.

He wasn’t sure how he felt about the hero’s welcomeCollapse )

Failed Destiny, Chapter 6

Fandom: Fire Emblem
Genre: Action/Adventure
Notes: N/A

Chapter Six

She was always there to perform first aid and cast a fire spell if it was needed. Priscilla just couldn’t fight the feeling that she was just average at everything. She was prettier than average, she knew that. What more did that offer her, though? It didn’t increase her healing abilities. Now her friends came to her first only because Serra was so engrossed with training Nino. They didn’t even consider her to become archsage. There was no debate over that. Serra and Nino were the two main candidates. The divine dragons did not even glance in her direction, despite knowing she was capable of learning everything they taught her.

She was middle of the road in everythingCollapse )

Failed Destiny, Chapter 5

Fandom: Fire Emblem
Genre: Action/Adventure
Notes: N/A

Chapter Five

Marcus had seen many boys turn into men before his eyes. Something about Nils didn’t sit right with him. After a month or so of rigorous physical training with Wallace and learning the bare basics with Sain, the boy was finally ready to wield a sword. Nils had already outgrown the slim blade they had given him. He held his iron sword and fell into a starting position without thought. On the sidelines, Wallace was beaming and Sain raised his chin a bit with pride. Marcus was indeed impressed with his determination.

Something was still wrong about the pictureCollapse )

Failed Destiny, Chapter 4

Fandom: Fire Emblem
Genre: Action/Adventure
Notes: N/A

Chapter Four

It had been a week and four days since the others were buried. Guy went to the catacombs carrying flowers and blue streamers. There were many he wanted to remember, but he decided to focus on just a few today. He descended into the cool depths below the village and got used to the stale smell. He found Rath’s grave and place a flower and a streamer in the holder beside it. Guy resolved to take up the bow in honor of Rath. Next he placed a flower and streamer on the graves of Karel and Karla, swordsmen he aspired to imitate. May my blade be truer than yours he thought. He closed his eyes and clapped his hands twice.

He went to Lyndis’s grave and gave her a flower as wellCollapse )

Failed Destiny, Chapter 3

Fandom: Fire Emblem
Genre: Action/Adventure
Notes: N/A

Chapter Three

The funeral procession was a long one. Ahead the colors of everyone’s homeland were ablaze in the light of torches. In the night air, Florina bore the flag of Ilia, Marcus held the flag of Pharae, Serra held Ostia’s, Sain had Caelin’s flag aloft and Vaida held Bern’s. Behind them Wallace held a torch high as Lyndis was carried at his side by kind citizens of Arcadia. Nils was a torchbearer beside his sister as Rebecca stood with her brother behind him. Everyone had their chosen person, though it was hard to choose whose body to walk beside. Guy stood beside Rath for instance because of their shared heritage, but was torn between Lady Louise and Karel as well. No matter, all would be mourned.

the Arcadians hummed two notes over and over, both long and lingeringCollapse )

Failed Destiny, Chapter 2

Fandom: Fire Emblem
Genre: Action/Adventure
Notes: N/A

Chapter Two

The business of burying friends was a priority. Mark had always steered them through battles without a single casualty, she had never once had to worry about pronouncing an ally dead. He was the first to be declared so. The bodies covered the main hall of Athos’s lair. She closed her eyes when she saw Oswin. Matthew folded Oswin’s arms over his chest for her. She placed a hand over his cold ones. And now you may rest as well, Oswin she thought.

They found Eliwood with an arm protectively around NinianCollapse )

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